Urban Farming Re-Invented.

Roots Up provides Modular Farming Solutions for Consistent Year-Round Food Growth.


Utilizing Space to Re-Connect People to Food.

We are creating neighborhood urban farm networks, each spanning less than a mile.  Rather than packaging and delivering produce across the country in a refrigerated truck, we send urban farmers to local sites to maintain our modular farms and food is harvested on-site.  Herbs, greens, and microgreens are grown on-site at our partners' locations where they can be harvested for peak nutrition and flavor.    

Our modular system can be adapted to fit any space, inside or outside.  We grow hyperlocal fresh food and offer living wage employment while conserving water and reducing waste.  We then donate fresh produce to organizations already working on advancing food security, education, and nutrition.

Our Vision.

Food should be both delicious and nutritious, and it starts with setting higher standards.  We see a future where more food is grown locally so it travels less miles and has a higher nutrition density.  Food grown ethically consumes less water, produces less waste, and is less damaging to the water supply and ecosystems.  Ohio faces challenges with seasons and weather that inhibit year-round growth and freshness.  This inspired the vision for Roots Up to focus on hyperlocal food growth to disrupt the standard of how food is grown, distributed, and enjoyed.

We bring the farms to the people, in the spaces they already are, and scale growth one small urban farm at a time.

Join Our Growing Team.


CEO & Founder


JM Rayburn

Community Liaison


Stephen Harrold

Urban Farm Manager


Nutrition Expert


Agriculture Expert


Adam Sauer

Data Analysis Expert


Melissa Amos

Finance Manager


Permaculture Expert

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.
— Robert Louis Stevenson