Modular Agriculture Units



Our modular agriculture units (MAU) are customizable and adaptable to the end users’ space constraints and growing goals. This modular system allows us to provide on-site growing for anything from a single display wall to a shipping container in the parking lot to a showcase controlled grow room to a rooftop garden to a standalone urban farm. If you have the space, we have the means to help you grow your own food.

Our solution does not limit you to monoculture growing. We can design your system to grow a wide variety of food in a single location, including most lettuces, herbs, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, root vegetables, wheatgrass, sprouts, and microgreens. Controlled environment food growth supports maximum nutrition density as the plants receive the precise amount of needed light, water, and nutrients. Risk is mitigated around heat, drought, flood, weather, seasonality, pests, and infestations. Nothing is wasted, not even time. The growth is quick, the leaves are green, the aromas are strong, and the harvests are delicious.

Our MAU Alpha (prototype v4.1) was intentionally built inside a home garage, around a functioning garage door and opener, with an exterior walkway around 3 sides, a viewing window, and two entry doors. This particular demo is constructed to scale of the inner and outer dimensions of a shipping container that has been retrofitted with proper insulation for our midwest climate. Climate control and automation make the unit easy and efficient to operate year-round with consistent harvests. Let us know what you want to grow!