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Radically simplify how we engage with food.

Roots Up is a consulting group that offers Design-Build-Grow services. We meet with our community to learn their goals and constraints so that we can create innovative solutions that serve their needs.

Health is important to each individual, and it’s also a connection to the community and the global footprint.

Food is integral to our collective health and we strive to better connect people with food.

Our vision is that people will feel empowered to take ownership of their health.


Our Values

We can do better with how we grow food.  Our priority is to provide nutritious food that is accessible to everyone, without compromising our ethics or the environment. We are better together.


* Collaborative

* Community-Minded

* Equitable

* Innovative

* Mindful

+  Energy Management

+ Network Optimization

+  Space Utilization

+  Sustainable Practices

+ Water Conservation

-  No Chemicals

-  No Landfills

- No Pesticides

-  No Plastic Packaging

-  No Waste